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The school was created in August, 1968. The past six principals have worked hard in school affairs so that the development was outstanding.
The surface area of the school is 3.1454 hectare. The present principal is Lin Tsai Pan, who started managing the school in 2013. With the effort of Principal Lin and the staff, we see the prosperous expansion of the school .

一、School Vision: Humanism concern、 Excellence and outstanding、Sustainable development.
二、Education Goals:HOPE:Holding Ideals、Prospecting the future
H Humanism Cozy care、friendly campus
O Optimism Studying diligently、Healthy growing
P Politeness Respecting teachers、loving schoolmates
E Excellence Multiple development 、International sight

三、School Introduction
Our school is a remote aborigines school. The percentage of aborigines is 47%. The school is in aborigines traditional area,and the activity field is the source of Puyuma tribe. Because the school is closed to Provincial Highway No’s,the proportion of moving population is big and we see abundant potential of multiple culture.
Principal: Ms. Lin Tsai Pan
The present number of Students-:257、The number of employees and staff--40、The number of classes--13

四、School Character
1.Fullfling normalization teaching: We carry out multiple effective teaching。In English and math classes, we practice streaming group teaching so that we can realize the belief of individualization and adaptive leaning.

2.Developement of multipal school club activities: We should respect every student,enlighten students on multiple intelligence. Now we have school clubs such as boxing club、basketball club、aboriginal dance club、traditional folk song club、hand-made craft club、and aboriginal language clubs supplied budge from Council of Indigenous People: inclusive of Chi pen Puyuma dialect、Jian-Ho Puyuma dialect、Payuan dialect、Amis.
3. Upgrading art and humanisim accomplishment: According to Ministry of Education’s policy “One school, One art team”, we develop aboriginal traditional art. Our aboriginal dance team has won good prizes in national dance contests in a series of years.
4.Training of special sports players: According to Ministry of Education’s policy “One school, One physical education team” We develop basic weight-lift and track and field training.
Our weight-lift team has won national champion in a series of years.
Chi-Pen Junior High School is situated in the suburb of Taitung City, about 15 kilometers away from downtown. Taiwan Railway South link is closed to the school. Transport is convenient. The school campus is based on a slope and overlooking the sea. There are a lot of emerald green tall trees inside the school. Scenery is nice and the environment is pleasant. It is a great place for teenagers to study.